Hurray! Now I'm living with both of Silverlight 2 and Silverlight 3 by Visual Studio 2010! Thanks for posting, Tim.
And also I'm able to run Visual Studio 2008 for my current TFS.


Here's simple instruction what I've done for above.
1. Prepare clean machine
2. Install Visual Studio 2008
3. Install TeamExplorer 2008 (Optional for TFS user)
4. Install Visual Studio 2008 SP1
5. Install Silverlight 2 Tools for Visual Studio 2008 SP1
6. Install Visual Studio 2010 beta 1
7. Install Silverlight 3 SDK beta 1
8. Install Silverlight 3 beta 1 developer runtime
9. Install Blend 2 & SP1
10. Install Blend 3 preview

and then, you might setting up some options depends on your taste.
Anyway, It runs fine! (at least still now, 'cause I didn't try meaningful work.)
I'm working on VS2008 with Silverlight 2 for current project over TFS, VS2010 with Silverlight 2 for online demos or samples, and then Silverlight 3 for experimental demos and studies!
Of course it's on my virtual machine just in case. You'd better too, you know :)

Well, I know that it takes more time for Silverlight 3 tooling on VS2010 than VS2008, but it's just beta. I think it's enough for studying and enjoying :)

Enjoy your #VS10 also Silverlight, cheers!
Posted by gongdo

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  1. Favicon of BlogIcon Ronald 2009.05.21 20:13  comment URL  Edit/Remove  Submit comment.

    Good overview, thanks.

  2. Gilbert 2009.05.22 09:45  comment URL  Edit/Remove  Submit comment.

    I'd like to install the VS2010 on my machine along your instruction soon.
    Thank you!